Era of VoIP Over WiMAX Is Here

Era of VoIP Over WiMAX Is Here

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Written By Eric Sandler

By Ted Stevenson

October 8, 2008

Utah-based Alianza Corp. has been developing its integrated VoIP/UC platform for some four years now, and selling it around the world to a variety of carriers, CLECs, and Internet service providers in the so-called tier two market—smaller subscriber bases. Alianza has architected its IP solution to support all types of transmission media, cable, satellite, and wireless networks.

Virginia-based DigitalBridge Communications (DBC)—an ISP whose mission is to bring broadband Internet connectivity to under-served communities—launched BridgeMAXX, if not the first, then one of the first, commercial WiMAX networks back in June of last year, followed by a mobile WiMAX deployment in June of 2008.

This week, DBC announced BridgeMAXX VOICE, powered by the Alianza platform. It may or may not be the first WiMAX-based VoIP service, but it’s the first we’ve heard of. The company is characterizing the $29.95 per month phone application as a way to “enhance its fixed high-speed wireless Internet service”—and “upgrade to better value.”

The Alianza platform encompasses session border controller and softswitch functionality, both SIP and PSTN carrier interfaces, billing support, automatic device provisioning, and a lengthy list of virtual PBX features including interactive voice response, three-way conferencing, and voicemail to e-mail.

According to Doug Smith, DBC’s chief information officer, “The Alianza platform simplifies our administrative and operational tasks. DBC has been able to deploy quickly and cost-efficiently.”

Brian Beutler, Alianza CEO, commented: “DBC has been a true pioneer in the delivery of fourth generation services. We are pleased to be working with such an innovative partner who continues to break new ground with value-added WiMAX applications.”

DBC’s BridgeMAXX VOICE service is available in 15 markets in Idaho, Indiana, South Dakota, Virginia, and Wyoming. You can check to see if you “qualify” at the company’s website

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