Boingo and Nomadix Team for WLANs

Boingo and Nomadix Team for WLANs

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Written By Eric Sandler

Will use Nomadix gateway technology to deliver turnkey integration into the Boingo business model.

Boingo Wireless and Nomadix announced today a Nomadix WLAN gateway appliance that is designed specifically for networks interested in joining forces with Boingo’s exploding Wi-Fi service.

Nomadix’ Universal Subscriber Gateway (USG) appliance will now function as a turnkey solution, enabling enterprises, W-ISPs, and any network operators with a Wi-Fi network, to participate in Boingo’s business model. This specially configured version of the USG is being demonstrated at the CTIA show in Orlando. Firmware upgrades to the USG enable integration with Boingo’s accounting, authorization, and billing systems.

The companies stated that the USG for Boingo will be available by April 2nd. “Nomadix is reducing the barriers to commercial Wi-Fi network deployment,” said Sky Dayton, founder and CEO of Boingo Wireless. “They’re making it simple to set up commercial ‘hot spot’ locations using Wi-Fi and Boingo’s back-end systems for authentication, billing, settlement and technical support. Nomadix’s industry leadership should be applauded.”

Operators, according to the companies, can set up a Network Access Agreement with Boingo. Then they can start charging for access to their Wi-Fi “hot spots” instantly. The Nomadix USG also includes enhanced security and access control features.

Boingo will provide an easy-to-follow setup guide for the USG product that allows any network operator to turn their wireless network into a profit-generating public location by joining Boingo Wireless as a network partner.

Interested customers can either purchase the specially configured Nomadix USB or upgrade the firmware of their existing USG.

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