BelAir Adds Small Multi-Radio Chassis

BelAir Adds Small Multi-Radio Chassis

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Written By Eric Sandler

By Eric Griffith

June 25, 2007

After recognizing customer demand for a unit to take the space between its dual-radio BelAir100 and quad-radio BelAir200, BelAir Networks today announced that the BelAir100T is the solution. It’s about the same size as the 100, but packs in a slot for a third modular radio. Unlike how some companies handle such debuts, this announcement isn’t about a product coming in a few months. The 100T is already in use and for sale.

“We saw customers who liked the size of the 100 but wanted to add a third radio,” says Jim Freeze, senior vice president of marketing and alliances for Bel Air. “Typically, we see deployments in combinations of 100s and 200s, but customers had a real desire to take the 100 to the periphery of the network and add 4.9 GHz.”

The 100T supports 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi, WiMax, and the 4.9 GHz frequency reserved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for public safety use.

Like any mesh equipment, the 100T should drop into any existing BelAir-powered network and integrate instantly.

Freeze couldn’t say yet which locations are using the 100T. BelAir has deployments in cities like Dallas, Boston, Minneapolis, Toronto, and the City of London.

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